New year/ New website

Happy new year!


Welcome to the first blog entry of my new website. I had hoped to launch this site a little earlier in the year, but it turns out building a website is a little more work than I had anticipated. So, a belated happy new year to you.

I imagine by now you’ll have had a peruse of my latest artwork on my new portfolio section. I hope you have been suitably impressed. This section of the site is where I intend to bring you interesting blogs, features and articles on the subject of art and professional illustration. As well as updates on my work and shameless self-promotion of my bits of artwork. I may have a couple of tutorials and Gumroad products in the works too.

Close up Bust Sackcloth Smile.

Bust 3: A Sackcloth Smile


2016 was a particularly busy year for me, work-wise. Aside from the occasional trip to Japan and some local comic-con visits it was pretty much a work filled year from start to finish, the busiest year of my illustration career so far. I worked on a lot of fun and interesting projects with a number of new clients including character illustrations for the fabric maker Holland & Sherry, an Edinburgh cityscape drawing for Edinburgh Gin distillery and informational comic strip/poster for the NHS. A lot of work in 2016 also involved my attempting to take steps into the Scottish comic book scene, with work on the titles Bust 3 and Vessels for Card Shark Comics.

Holland and Sherry Mannequin Girl.

Holland and Sherry Mannequin Girl.


It’s looking like 2017 is going to be just as busy. I’ve already completed some work for some new clients, including work for the East Renfrewshire Council. And, I’m quite excited about some of the jobs I have lined up over the next few months. It’s my hope that this year will see me continuing into the world of comics, and that I’ll have time to focus on my personal projects.

Thanks for reading, hopefully, you’ll consider coming back for future updates.