Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin

Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin. Card Shark Comics.

After illustrating the first issue of Bust, Card Shark Comics invited me to return to create the cover artwork for the second instalment in the critically-acclaimed indy comic book series; Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin.

The story and theme of Bust 2 is very much in the vein of 80’s post-apocalyptic action movies, like Mad Max, Robocop & Escape From New York. This illustration would obviously have to draw influence from those same sources while still coming across as new, original and unique.

After a number of preliminary sketches, this cover art was digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop. While the main two characters were painted in a full, almost realistic style, the background was drawn in a more traditional comic book style, a nod to the style of the artwork within the interior pages.

Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin was launched via crowd-funding after a successful Kickstarter in late 2015, and is now available in comic stores and from the Card Shark Comics website – cardsharkcomics.com

Bust 2 is written by Scottish writer and journalist Dave Cook, and interior artwork is drawn by comic artist Chris O’Toole.

Late 2015
Client: Card Shark Comics