Devil Take The Hindmost

Devil Take The Hindmost

Worked with Glasgow’s Freight Books, and independent publisher of quality fiction, to create this cover art for M. Cathcart Froden’s Devil Take The Hindmost, winner of the 2015 Dundee International Book Prize. A historical noir on crime, drugs and velodrome racing, set in 1920’s London. Very much in the same vein as Peaky Blinders and Brighton Rock.

This project requested a cover which would reflect the themes and style of the story, as well as it’s vintage post-WW1 London setting. To that effect, I created a cover in the typographical style of the commercial labels and advertising posters of the time.

Mainly hand drawn, based on sketches, with elements scanned from royalty free vintage illustration reference books and finalised in Adobe Photoshop.

Devil Take The Hindmost, by M. Cathcart Froden was released in July 2016, and is available from the Freight Books store –

Early 2016
Client: Freight books