The Woods Bar

The Woods Bar & Restaurant/ Eat, Drink, Film Ltd.

Commissioned by EatDrinkFilm Ltd to produce several pieces of themed artwork to be used as interior decoration for newly opening bar & restaurant in Glasgow City Centre. The brief asked for ten pieces of artwork, 5 digital paintings and 5 photo-montage/drawings, to be woodland animal themed but with a ‘trendy’ modern twist to appeal to current Glasgow night-scene clientèle.

The five full-colour digital paintings are portraits of a variety of woodland animals in cool styles of clothing, including the lumber-sexual bear, the Mod cat and the vintage fox. The photo-montage drawings are black and white upper-body depictions of more woodland animals, with human form and trendy clothing. Each of the black and white montages include a hand drawn pattern which is used repeatedly throughout the venue as decorative motif.

The Woods Bar & Restaurant opened in late 2015 and can be found on Waterloo St, in Glasgow’s city centre. Check out their website for more info –

Summer 2015.
Clients: Eat, Drink Film Ltd. & The Woods